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45 Years of Caring For Children Adolescents and Their Families

Alta Behavioral Healthcare is devoted to providing the highest quality of professional care to children, teens and their families. Our staff is highly skilled in helping families understand their situations and what needs to be done to bring practical solutions to the problem at hand.

Should I Be Concerned?

Unusual changes in your child’s behavioral patterns may be “red flags” that signal a need to consult a mental health professional. Here are some of the most common:






Socially Underdeveloped

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Helping Kids. Healing Families.

Our Services – How We Help

Alta Behavioral Healthcare provides Clinical ServicesSpecialized Treatment Services, and School-Based Mental Health and Early Childhood Mental Health programs for children, adolescents and young adults and their families.

Alta accepts all insurances and Medicaid


What is best about Alta is that the staff are very friendly and nice and make my son comfortable.

I feel it’s a good place, and my child’s counselor is meeting both of our needs.

I am glad that I chose Alta. My children are way better now.

Learning there is no way to be a perfect parent, but a million ways to be a good one!

This is an awesome concept for parenting…it just makes sense!

I wish someone from my son’s school would have recommended Alta sooner.

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Depression Through the Eyes of a Teenager

Recently one of our Alta Behavioral HealthCare clients created a poem about Depression and shared it with us. We feel this poem and accompanying illustration gives a powerful insight into what it can be like to suffer from this condition. With the permission of the client and the client’s parents, …

How Well Does Your Child Sleep at Night?

by Rochelle R. Perrotta, LPCC-S One of the main concerns I have heard from parents over the years is difficulty getting their children to sleep throughout the night. Many times, children struggle to fall asleep or wake up frequently. Sometimes children have restless sleep patterns or even nightmares. Problems with …

Infant Mortality Program Helps Pregnant Moms

Are you or is someone you know pregnant? We’re here to help! The Infant Mortality Program at Alta Behavioral Healthcare provides services to pregnant women in order to assist them in establishing healthy lifestyles for healthy pregnancies. Our certified Community Health Workers are trained to identify women who are at …

Head Start and Early Head Start

Headstart Students and Teachers
Parents and Kids at Headstart
Child at Early Head Start

Give your child a great start in school and life by enrolling them in ALTA Head Start Preschool or ALTA Early Head Start. ALTA Head Start is so much more than just playtime ‚ — our degreed teachers help children develop reading skills, good learning habits, social skills and self-confidence. There are no fees, and hot, nutritious meals are provided. For more information, call (330) 736-0071 or visit the Alta Head Start website.

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