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Frustrated with your child’s behavior? Here’s what to do.

Your child’s room looks like a pigsty, you have to nag your daughter to do her homework and you’ve had to remind your son yet again to take the garbage out. And those are the small things. Then you get another call from the school because your son got in …

What is the “right” type of parent?

When you apply for a job, what’s the first thing the employer wants to know? When you apply to a college or technical program, what’s the first thing the program wants to know? Typically, they want to know if you’re the “right kind of person” for the job and whether …

A new name, and a new website

Welcome to Alta Care Group’s new brand name and website! This is a very exciting time for our organization as we are growing, creating new partnerships and alliances, and developing new ways to fulfill our mission. Our new website helps mark the official introduction of our new identity, although we …